Custom Ad Inflatable Displays

Key Product Points:

·         Constructed with high-quality fabric, they are wrinkle-resistant and water-repellent. When handled with care, they are reusable for years!

·         Most components, including the built-in electric motor with continuous-running air blower and 8-ft. electrical cord, are packaged in one, easy-to-handle, portable case. (Most 15 ft. and larger displays come with an external motor.) Shipping container not included.

·         A light unit is included in most displays. (Light bulb not included.)

·         To achieve the highest quality reproduction of artwork, we utilize state of the art Digital 4-colour Process Printing; Airbrush; and Silk-screen printing may also be used. Ink will not crack or peel.

1.      Unzip the carrying case and unfold the sides.

2.      Unfold the fabric; locate side zipper and zip closed.

3.      Extend and plug in the electrical cord. Turn on the motor. Inflation is fast and easy. Secure tether lines if needed, and turn on internal light, if your Ad Inflatable display contains one.





Price Quotes

All units are custom-made and require a price quote.

·         One piece minimum.

·         Volume discount for five or more units.

·         Depending on the shape and size, most units start at approximately $3,000(E)



·         Custom price quotes are required for all units. Contact Customer Service for quotes and artwork requirements.

·         Minimum Order: One unit.

·         Pricing based on: Size, complexity of shape and artwork, and quantity of the order.

·         Price Quote: Actual product sample or photo is required.

·         Production Time: Approximately 5-6 weeks from receipt of order and approved artwork, depending on quantity.

·         Packaging: Product is packed in a corrugated shipping box. This box is not intended for reuse.

·         Warranty: Two-year, limited.

·         F.O.B.: Florida.



A random assortment of both walking and freestanding samples are available for use in sales presentations. Call for details.